Wedding Favors for a Romantic Wedding

Wedding Favors for a Romantic Wedding

Wedding can be planned in a variety of different themes. Weddings can have themes based on the seasons, on a holiday, on the beach, on science fiction, on a period of history or any other theme imaginable. However, the underlying theme of any wedding should always be love and romance. Even weddings which may not have a particular theme will likely convey the message of love and romance. This article will provide ideas for wedding favors which will help you to give your guests a reminder of your wedding which will help to invoke the feeling of love and romance. Whether you are planning a particularly romantic wedding or a wedding based on another theme you might want to consider giving favors which are related to romance.

Anything invoking a feeling of love will be an appropriate wedding favor for a romantic wedding. One great example is a silver picture frame with the word love inscribed into the silver. This is a very simple favor but it is also one which accurately conveys the message of love. Your guests may choose to put a picture of you and your partner in the frame to serve as a definite reminder of you and your wedding or they can use the picture frame in any way the wish. However, they decide to use the frame, it will likely always remind them of your wedding. Each time they see the frame displayed in their home, they will fondly remember how much fun they had at your wedding.

Coasters can also be given as favors for a romantic wedding. This may not seem like a particularly romantic gift because it is more of a practical item but you can find ways to make this simple gift more romantic in nature. For example coasters can be purchased in a heart shape or in a design which reflects the theme of love and romance. A coaster displaying a picture of a bride and a groom is one way to do this. The coasters can also simply have the word love written on them or can be decorated with heart shapes to make them seem more romantic. There are even heart shaped coasters available which are designed specifically for wine glasses. These coasters are much smaller than average coasters and can create a very attractive appearance.

Books can also be an excellent idea for wedding favors for a romantic wedding. Again, this may sound as though it will not be particularly romantic because books are typically viewed as being very practical items. However, your choice of book can greatly influence whether or not it is appropriate for a favor at a romantic wedding. A book such as a book of love poems or quotations related to love would be very appropriate to give as favors at a romantic wedding. With a little creativity you may also find other books which are appropriate. For example if you and your partner are particularly fond of a certain classical romance novel you might consider giving each of your guests a copy of this book.

A CD filled with love songs is another great favor idea for a romantic wedding. You can download some of the love songs you and your partner enjoy or songs which you plan to feature at the wedding and put these songs on a CD for each of your guests. You may even want to decorate the CD cover with a portrait of the two of your or with another image which will invoke the message of love and romance. This is not only a romantic gift but it is also a gift which can be very inexpensive. Many savvy brides and grooms may even be able to create these CDs on their own with their home computer. However, even if they do not have the time or the resources to do this, it should be rather inexpensive for the couple to find someone to do this for them.

Wedding Favors for Children

Deciding to include children in your wedding or reception is a very personal decision. Some people feel very strongly that children are too disruptive at weddings while others love the idea of sharing their wedding day with children and welcome children to attend the wedding ceremony and reception. While deciding whether or not to invite children is a matter of personal opinion; if you do decide to invite children they should absolutely receive some sort of wedding favor. Some couples opt to give the children the same favor as the adults while other couples prefer to give the children a different favor which is more appropriate for their age. This article will provide some idea for giving wedding favors to children.

The first thing to consider when giving wedding favors for children is the age of the children involved and the type of favor which will be given to the adults. This is important because sometimes the favor you are planning to give to the adults would be greatly appreciated by children of all ages while other times the children would likely prefer to receive a more age appropriate wedding favor. For example if you are planning to give the adults an edible wedding favor such as candy or cookies most children would likely be happy to receive this type of favor. However, if you are planning to give the adults a favor such as wine charms you might want to select another favor for the children in attendance.

One great wedding favor idea for children is an activity packaged designed specifically for use as a wedding favor. These packages have items such as games, markers and other activities so children can use the favor at the wedding. This is an especially good idea for children who are too young to enjoy the music and dancing at the reception and who may become bored easily. This type of wedding favor will not only help to keep the children entertained during the wedding but will also be a nice gift for them to take home after the wedding.

Stuffed animals are another option for a wedding favor for children. You can purchase stuffed animals with a wedding related theme such as a bride and groom teddy bear which would be appropriate for a wedding favor. Another option is to seek out stuffed animals which match the theme of the wedding. For example you may give the children a teddy bear dressed for the beach at a beach themed wedding or a stuffed penguin dressed like Santa Claus for a Christmas wedding. Another option is to give each of the children a gift certificate to one of the popular stores where children can make their own stuffed animals. These stores allow children to select their own teddy bear and watch it be stuffed before their eyes. They can even select outfit for the bears or have sound chips inserted. 

Still another option for giving wedding favors to children is to just give the children a small toy which is appropriate for their ages. These toys can be purchased at any store selling children’s toys rather than at distributors of wedding favors. If you know the children personally you can select toys which suit their interests. However, if you only know the age of the children who will be in attendance you can simply seek out toys which are appropriate for boys and girls of that age. 

Finally, couples who are unsure of what type of wedding favor to give to children can always resort to an edible wedding favor. Even if the adults will not be given an edible favor, the couple may decide to give the children edible favors. Edible favors can range to photo cookies with a picture of the bride and the groom to candy bars with the couples name and the date of the wedding. The children in attendance are much more likely to be impressed with a wedding favor of cookies or candy than they will with the more sophisticated wedding favors the couple selects for the adults in attendance. 

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