Unique Wedding Favors for Each Table

Unique Wedding Favors for Each Table

Although it is not very common, some couples may opt to provide unique wedding favors for each table at their wedding. The more standard practice is to give each guest the same favor but if the centerpieces will vary from table to table the couple may want to vary the favors as well. This is a great idea for a couple who cannot settle on one overall theme for the wedding. They may choose to have a different theme for each table and as a result may also prefer to have a different wedding favor for each table. This article will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of offering unique wedding favors for each table at your reception.

One of the most obvious advantages to offering unique favors at each table is it prevents the couple from having to select just one wedding favor. There is a wide variety of wedding favors available and many couples have a great deal of trouble selecting just one favor. This may be because they are not agreeing on which favor would be the most appropriate or because they each have several different favors which they really like and are having difficulty narrowing down their options. For either of these cases, the idea of giving different wedding favors at each table is a great idea.

Another advantage to giving unique wedding favors for each table is that the couple can branch out and either choose several different themes or one overall theme which they vary slightly from table to table. This can make the process of shopping for wedding favors a lot more fun for couples who enjoy doing this. However, couples who feel stressed out by the process of selecting wedding favors would be wise to simply stick to one wedding favor because the process of selecting several different favors can make the planning exponentially more stressful.

One of the major disadvantages of offering unique favors at each table is the couple will not likely be eligible for bulk order discounts. Many wedding favor manufacturers are often willing to offer discounts to couple who are ordering a large number of the same favor to distribute to all of their guests. However, couples who are ordering different favors for each table will likely not qualify for these discounts. Most weddings have approximately 8-12 people at each table. This means the couple will not be ordering many of each favor and will most likely have to pay full price for each one.

Another disadvantage to providing unique wedding favors for each table is it can make setting the tables more complicated. If each table will also have a unique centerpiece and the wedding favors are designed to match the centerpiece, special care must be taken to ensure the correct favors are placed at the correct table. This may be obvious if the favors are unwrapped but if they are wrapped it can be incredibly difficult. Someone familiar with the favors and how they were wrapped should oversee the process of setting the tables to ensure the correct favors are placed at each table.

Another disadvantage to giving unique wedding favors to each table is it may create discontent among the guests. For example some guests may feel as though the favors given to one table are nicer than the ones given to the table at which they are seated. This is not a major concern as most guests will not make these types of comparisons but if the couple is concerned about this possibility they may wish to keep the wedding favors the same for each table.

Wedding Favors Etiquette

Believe it or not there are actually certain rules of etiquette which apply to the act of giving wedding favors at your wedding reception. Although many of these rules are not as rigid as other types of etiquette it is important to realize there are some generally accepted principles which are associated with the distribution of wedding favors. These rules of etiquette include questions such as whether or not favors are necessary, whether or not favors should be given to children, how favors should be distributed and how much should be spent on wedding favors. This article will take a look at some of these rules of etiquette and will hopefully help the reader to understand a little more about the etiquette involved in giving wedding favors.

The question of whether or not wedding favors are necessary is certainly one question many couples have as they are planning their wedding day. The answer to this question is that wedding favors are not absolutely required but they are certainly expected. This means you do not have to give wedding favors but many of your guests will be expecting to receive one. Therefore not distributing favors is not recommended. This is because wedding favors are a way of thanking your guests for coming to your wedding and offering them a memento of the occasion. While you can certainly visit with each guest individually to express your thanks for their attendance this may not be possible if you are having a very large wedding. You may make an effort to visit with each guest but may simply run out of time. However, if you provide wedding favors your guests will know their attendance at the wedding was appreciated. 

If you are including children in your wedding ceremony and reception you should definitely give some thought to giving wedding favors to the children. Traditionally, children at a wedding would receive the same favor as the adults. However, some couples may opt to give the children a favor which is more age appropriate. This can be difficult to do because in most cases favors are merely left on the table. If you only have one or two children in attendance you can simply place favors at each place setting and during the reception take some time to visit with the children and offer them the more age appropriate favor in addition to the one found at their place setting. However, if you plan on having a large number of children in attendance this technique can create a significant additional expense because each of the children will be receiving two favors. In this case you can place the favors with the place cards. This will help to ensure the children are all receiving the appropriate wedding favor. 

Another concern couples often have regarding wedding favor etiquette is how the favors should be distributed. The easiest and most common way to distribute wedding favors is to place the favors at each place setting before the reception begins. In most catering halls the staff will be happy to put the favors out while they are setting the tables. However, if they are unable to do so, you can ask a friend or family member to visit the catering hall before the reception to take care of this detail. For guests who do not attend your wedding but send a gift in advance you might want to consider mailing a favor to them along with a thank you note to express your gratitude for their kindness. 

Many couples are concerned with the cost of wedding favors. In fact one of the primary reasons many couples consider not giving wedding favors is they think it will be too costly. It is important to note that wedding favors do not have to be extravagant or expensive. A favor of a simple flower can be quite inexpensive and still shows your appreciation for your guests. Deciding how much to spend on wedding favors is mostly a matter of your personal budget. You should set a budget for wedding favors first and then begin shopping for favors which you think will be appropriate. This will allow you to seek out great deals and offer your guests the most appropriate wedding favor you can afford to give. 

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