Shopping for Wedding Favors

Shopping for Wedding Favors

Many couples have a great deal of trouble when shopping for wedding favors because they try to get the favors purchased in only one day or they wait for the last minute to start shopping for wedding favors and realize it is too late to order some of the items they are considering or wind up spending too much per favor because they are in a hurry and do not have time to comparison shop. This can be extremely frustrating but unfortunately it happens to a lot of couples who are trying to plan their wedding. However, if couples make shopping for wedding favors a priority during the wedding planning they may find the whole experience is a lot more enjoyable. This article will offer a few tips on the subject of shopping for wedding favors to help couples make the most of their wedding favor budget.

One of the most important things to remember when shopping for wedding favors is that you should plan on setting a budget for wedding favors while you are setting the budgets for the other aspects of your wedding such as location, food, entertainment and transportation. This is very important because many couples who neglect to do this are often surprised by the cost of wedding favors. They mistakenly assume they can lump wedding favors into an incidental budget but soon realize the cost of wedding favors can really add up. This is because you typically purchase a wedding favor for each guest at your wedding. Each favor may only cost a few dollars but you have to multiply this amount by the number of guests at your wedding reception. As an example consider wedding favors which cost $2 per favor. If you plan on having 300 guests at your wedding the cost of the favors will be $600. As you can see this is certainly not an incidental amount.

Another thing to remember when shopping for wedding favors is that it is a good idea to purchase your wedding favors at least a few weeks before your wedding day. This is especially important if you want to have the favors or ribbons used to wrap the favors personalized with your names and the date of your wedding.  This personalization often requires a couple of weeks lead time because your order has to be made especially for you instead of simply being shipped from a warehouse. Most companies will rush your order upon your request but there will typically be substantial fees involved with this service.

Another reason to shop for your wedding favors at least a few weeks before your wedding date is you will most likely have to wrap the favors once they arrive. You may be able to have the distributor wrap the gift but again this will most likely involve an additional. The fee for wrapping the favors may be charged per favor and can add up pretty quickly especially if you are having the order rushed. If you will be wrapping the favors yourself you will want to allow yourself enough time to do so without feeling rushed. It is important to remember that you will have a lot of last minute details to attend to so you most likely do not want to have to worry about wrapping wedding favors at the last minute.

One final thing to remember when shopping for wedding favors is that you should calculate all of the costs associated with the favor before deciding whether or not it will fit into your budget. There may be a base price for the item but there may be additional charges for personalization and costs associated with wrapping the favors. Even if you are wrapping the favors yourself you will still have the cost of wrapping paper, tape, ribbons and any other accessories you use to adorn the favors. It is a good idea to have the distributor supply you with a total cost for the favors including personalization and shipping before making your purchase. This will help to avoid misunderstandings about how much the favors will cost.

Shopping for Wedding Favors with Your Fiancé

For many couples shopping for wedding favors can be a difficult task especially when they are doing this together. This may sound strange but shopping for wedding favors is actually one activity which may cause a great deal of disagreements during the wedding planning process. It may sound like such a trivial detail but in reality shopping for wedding favors can actually be quite stressful and involved. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the large number of options available. There is such a wide range of wedding favors available that selecting just one can be an incredibly daunting task. Furthermore having two people agree on the same favor out of the many options available can be even more difficult. This article will provide some information on how couples can reduce the stress involved with shopping for wedding favors together. 

One of the easiest ways to avoid the stress and arguments which are likely to ensue while shopping for wedding favors with your fiancé is to simply avoid the situation altogether. You and your fiancé can discuss the situation beforehand and if he is not very interested in helping to select the wedding favors he may be more than willing to give you free reign to select the wedding favors. If you have similar tastes he will likely be confident that you will select something great and will be more than happy to allow you to do so. This makes the shopping process incredibly easier because you simply have to choose something you like and will be confident your fiancé will be happy with the favor as well. However, if you want your fiancé to feel included in the shopping process you can do the shopping beforehand and then have him take a look at the favors before you make your purchase just to be sure you both love the favors you have selected.

Another way to eliminate a great deal of stress related to shopping with wedding favors with your fiancé is to discuss the budget carefully before you begin shopping. You should have a good idea of how many guests you are expecting as well as how much you can afford to spend on each favor how much you can afford to spend on wedding favors overall. This is very important because it will help to ensure you and your fiancé are both looking at wedding favors which are priced appropriately for your budget. Having this discussion beforehand will be very helpful because if you start looking at wedding favors first you will likely be drawn to more expensive items. However, once you realize these are out of your price range you may be disappointed. This can make selecting a wedding favor more difficult because you will likely compare the other favors to the ones you cannot afford to purchase.

Finally, if you and your fiancé are having a difficult time shopping for wedding favors because you cannot reach an agreement on which favor to select it might be a good idea to seek an outside opinion. One way to do this is to have each of you select a wedding favor and to ask another person to choose between the two final choices. You can either have a sales associate choose between the two or you can bring along a trusted family member or friend who can be objective to help you make the decision. You and your fiancé should agree ahead of time that you are going to accept the decision of the other person. 

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