All About Pepper Spray

All About Pepper Spray

With crime being more present than ever these days, it always pays off to protect yourself.  Although there are police officers and others out there who uphold the law, you never know when something may happen and they aren’t around.  To protect yourself, there are several products and forms of protection that you can get.  Among the may products available to you, is something known as pepper spray - which is one of the most common forms of self protection.

Personal protection products such as pepper spray, will work a lot better and yield the most power when you have full belief in yourself.  When you have belief in yourself, you will trust your senses, pay attention to what is going on around you, believe in your naturally ability to defend yourself, and show people that you can defend yourself.  Although personal protection products are great to have, you need to believe in yourself in order to use them properly.

Protecting yourself is something you simply must do these days.  Over the years, personal protection products have become a way of life, with pepper spray being among the most popular and best forms of protection.  When used properly, pepper spray can stop humans from attacking quickly and safely.  It’s also useful with dogs as well.  It comes in an aerosol form, is easy to use, and can stop most attackers in a matter of seconds.

The active ingredient found in pepper spray is OC (Oleoresin Capsicum).  The spray comes in 10% or 15%, with a heat rating of 2 million.  OC is non toxic, non flammable, and comes from the well known cayenne peppers.  When used as a spray, OC acts as an inflammatory agent, causing immediate dilation of the nose, throat, lungs, and eyes - resulting in constricted breathing and temporary blindness.  Although it doesn’t lead to death, the effects will last up to 45 minutes, and make attackers feel as if they are dying.  The effects will take place immediately, giving victims plenty of time to escape and seek help.

The use of pepper spray is completely legal, although there are certain rules and restrictions that you must follow.  As you may already know, you can’t carry pepper spray or any other form of self defense on airplanes.  There are also some states that will prevent the use of pepper spray, while others require that you have a FID (Firearms Identification Card) to own or use the spray.  To be on the safe side, you should always check with local state regulations before you purchase any form of self defense product, such as pepper spray.

When you are out and about, pepper spray is easy to hide.  Women normally keep it in their purse, where it is easy to access.  If you plan to carry it in your purse, always make sure that it is easy to access, with nothing in the way.  You can also carry it in your pocket or in your coat as well, where you can easily reach it in a moment’s notice.  An attack can occur in a matter of seconds - which is why you want to be able to reach it fast.

All in all, pepper spray is a great self defense tool.  It can also be a deadly weapon if it isn’t used properly.  Whenever you carry pepper spray, you should always follow the safety precautions and rules of the spray.  If you use it for self defense purposes and know how to properly use it - you can enjoy the confidence and security that it provides.

All About Padlocks

We all remember the days of the padlock.  When they were first available, they presented a great way to keep your belongings safe.  They were common with lockers at school, with just about every locker having one.  Padlocks were easy to open as well; all you needed was the combination.  Once you had the combination, all it took was three clockwise turns, two counterclockwise, and once last clockwise turn to hit the final number and open the padlock.

Although the combination padlock was popular for it’s time, people soon began to realize what happened when they forgot the combination. Combination padlocks were great for those who had a sharp memory although sooner or later forgetting the combination was bound to happen.  Once the combination had been lost, a pair of bolt cutters would be required in order to cut the lock.

Shortly after the combination padlock came the padlocks of today – lock and key.  Padlocks that required a key were much easier to use, requiring no combination.  All you had to do was keep the key with you at all times and you had no worries about the padlock.  If you ended up losing the key however, you would need to cut the lock.  To prevent losing the key, most people chose to put the padlock key on their key ring or wear it on a necklace around their neck.

The most popular type of padlock today is Master Lock.  The Master Lock brand has been around for generations, proving to be the hardest type of lock to break.  It’s been well proven and well documented that guns can’t harm Master Locks.  Even if you shoot the lock dead on with a shotgun or handgun, the lock won’t give.  Master Locks are made of solid high grade steel and won’t give way to a few shots from a gun.  Although they may sustain damage from the blast, they will still be there once the shooting has stopped – protecting what you have them locked to.

Although Master Locks are the most popular and most common type of padlock, there are other types available as well.  Multi-Lock, Medeco, and KW are all excellent examples of quality padlocks.  These locks feature unique and innovative designs that are near impossible for thieves to get rid of.  You can use them around the house to keep doors locked, safes locked, cabinets locked, and virtually anything else that contains your possessions.

The best thing about padlocks is the fact that they are very affordable.  You can find them in virtually any department or hardware store.  You can shop online as well, and compare what each company lock will offer you.  The next time you need to lock up something and you need a small lock – you can count on one of the many padlocks to give you the protection and safety you need.

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